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To evaluate the efficacy of NEW GENERATION SELENIUM PREPARATIONTM, questionnaires were given to 630 consumers of BIOENERGOSTIMSTM or BIOSTIMS who had taken the products in their family during 4 months or longer.

Users of the new generation selenium products observe the following positive effects:

Yes, %

  • Improves general feeling - 98

  • Reduces tiredness - 93

  • Improves workability - 90

  • Reduces nervousness - 84

  • Reduces depression - 77

  • Reduces frequency of illnesses - 68

  • Reduces frequency of infectious diseases - 55

  • Normalizes bowel passability - 54

  • Normalizes appetite - 48

  • Improves hair - 47

  • Improves skin - 44

  • Normalize weight - 36

  • Normalize vision - 32

  • Normalize blood pressure - 32

  • Improves nails - 32

  • Reduces sensitivity to weather changes - 24

  • Reduces harmful habits - 15

Research shows, that consumers of  BIOENERGOSTIMSTM or BIOSTIMS  find improvement in cases of various life quality disorders:

  • Reduced level of energy. Problems with work performance. Reduced physical activity. Movement restrictions. Morning stiffness. Reduced capacity.

  • Pain. Discomfort. Sleep disorders. Memory disorders. Impaired ability to concentrate.

  • Mood alterations. Lack of interest. Emotional instability. Uneasiness.



Regular use of BIOENERGOSTIMS TM and BIOSTIMS decreases lost healthy life years, conditioned by burden of selenium deficiency, which could be lived in disease and disability and which could be lost in result of premature aging. Use of these products make it possible to live healthy life both for children and adults

Clinically proved

Clinical testing under physicians observations shows, that BIOENERGOSTIMS TM and BIOSTIMS are safe and effective both for children and adults.


10 International and Worldwide awards FOR QUALITY If selenium can help you, NEW GENERATION SELENIUM PREPARATION TM will do it better


Consumers of this products feels better, lives more productively, not so often falls ill, slower grows old and saves money on treatment