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Home Bioenergostims SUGGESTED USE

Add necessary number of drops to food.

Store at room temperature. Keep out of the reach of children.


Recommended dose: 2 drops daily.  Upper daily dose in special cases**  - 5 drops daily.

**for high loaded persons, during physical or psychological load, stress, illness or health recovery, as well for athletes or on prescription

Recommended BIOENERGOSTIMS dose depending of the age:

    • Children from 4 to 13  --------------------------1 drops daily  (*100%)
    • Children from 14 to 18 -------------------------2 drop daily  (*100%)
    • Adults -----------------------------------------------2 drop daily  (*100%)

* recommended daily dose, %

Additional information on this product shall be asked at the sites of distribution or from the producer.



Increases healthy life. Now it is possible not to lose healthy life years in the result of selenium deficiency, as are developed new generation selenium preparations, which solves problem safely, effectively and with guarantee.

Clinically proved

Clinical testing under physicians observations shows, that BIOENERGOSTIMS TM and BIOSTIMS are safe and effective both for children and adults.


10 International and Worldwide awards FOR QUALITY If selenium can help you, NEW GENERATION SELENIUM PREPARATION TM will do it better


Consumers of this products feels better, lives more productively, not so often falls ill, slower grows old and saves money on treatment