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BIOENERGOSTIMS line products


  • OLIGO-SELENIUMTM formula with fixed amount of bioavailable selenium in dose
  • Professionally developed by scientists
  • New special method of the products preparation NGSP-TechnologyTM provides new possibilities and more consumer value
  • Amount of selenium indicated in dose is 100% used by organism
  • Several scientifically based and clinically tested bioavailable forms of selenium are combined in specific proportion in one product for better effect
  • Selenium forms in the preparations are in a 100% soluble and 100% ionized state
  • No adverse effects both for children and adults
  • In physiological doses, it is safe to use lifetime
  • Efficacy has been established scientifically, proved in clinical settings, and acknowledged among physicians
  • The official clinical and comparative researches shows, that the biological efficacy and safety is much higher, comparing with common selenium preparations
  • TOP quality has been acknowledged and proved internationally
  • Ten international and world-wide awards for quality and excellence acknowledge priority of these products

 If selenium can help you, NEW GENERATION SELENIUM PREPARATIONTM will do it better.



Increases healthy life. Now it is possible not to lose healthy life years in the result of selenium deficiency, as are developed new generation selenium preparations, which solves problem safely, effectively and with guarantee.

Clinically proved

Clinical testing under physicians observations shows, that BIOENERGOSTIMS TM and BIOSTIMS are safe and effective both for children and adults.


10 International and Worldwide awards FOR QUALITY If selenium can help you, NEW GENERATION SELENIUM PREPARATION TM will do it better


Consumers of this products feels better, lives more productively, not so often falls ill, slower grows old and saves money on treatment