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1. International Europe award for quality (Paris, 2004)

This award was founded with the aim to honour companies, which pay constant attention to the quality of their products.

2. Golden medal for quality and service (Santiago, 2004)

Grant of the Global Marketing Organization for outstanding and prestigious products and marketing strategy of a company.

3. Special distinction mark in the quality management “Global Quality Management” (Paris, 2004).

Awarded for the quality of management and business prestige.

4. International quality acknowledgement and Certificate “Diamond Eye Award for Quality Commitment and Excellence” (Berlin, 2004).

Certifies conformity of the company to high quality standards.

5. Global award of five continents for quality “Golden Five Continents Award for Quality and Excellence” (Paris, 2005).

The highest quality acknowledgement.

6. International award for excellence in products and services (Madrid, 2005).

Grant is an international acknowledgement that the Company’s products and services are the best in the market.

7. Global award for perfection and ideal performance (Paris, 2006)

8. International Accreditation and Certificate of the TOP quality standard TQCS 3000 “TOP Quality Customer Satisfaction Standards” (Geneva, 2004/2005/2006).

TQCS Certificate officially confirms company principles, services and TOP quality of products conformity to high standards:
  •     high level of products quality based on the latest values of the global market macro-environment
  •     ability of the company to provide such products and services that satisfy clients desires, expectations and demands
  •     high trust and assessment by clients
  •     modern approach in the area of client satisfaction
  •     high values and honor of the Company
  •     accomplishment of TOP quality standard TQCS requirements
Permanent improvement of quality is the constant aim and basic principle of the organization.

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