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Moon legend

In 1817, the famous Swedish chemist J.Bercelius found and characterized rare element with multiform properties and called it in the name of the Greek Moon goddess Selene.

Goddess Selene symbolizes a woman with a charm of the Moon, mysterious power in the sky, above and under earth. Selene, Goddess of Moon, daughter of Greek God Hyperion and Thea. Besides Selene, this couple had a son, Helios (Sun) and another daughter Eos (Dawn), called also Aurora by Romans. Selene is famous for giving birth to 50 sons for her beloved and it symbolizes weeks of a year.

Moon legend tells that in those times when Gods commonly came down to the earth and even lived among people, King of the Earth, Endimon fell in love with the beauty Selene, Goddess of Moon. He was so masculine, wise, good and noble that Selene responded to his lov, and they started to live together.

The King honestly ruled his country, but Selene harnessed seven excellent Blue birds in a silver carriage each evening and went to lighten the Earth with the moon-light.
Many happy years passed and they gave birth to 50 sons.
Everything would be fine, but the King begun to get old and ill since he was mortal.
Selene ardently loved her beloved and dreamt how to make him immortal and young. And then Selene, to help her beloved, ordered her Blue birds to collect drops of the moon-light from the whole sky and bring them on the wings to Endimon. The King took a sip of moon-light drink of Gods each day, and became younger and more beautiful with every day. Thus he got rid of troublesome diseases, strength, briskness and vitality returned to him. Zeus found out of Selene’s dealings, and the King of Gods got very angry: “Only gods may take the drink of Moon!”. He prohibited Selene to return to the Earth, and sent Endimon to sleep forever. Since that time Selene is looking upon us from the night sky grieving of her love.

But the Blue birds of Selene continue to gather moon-light for many thousands of years. It is very difficult to see it. But those happy people who manage to do it, achieve eternal youth, health and happiness.

Before dawn, Blue birds fly particularly near to the Earth, in such moments gentle sound of moon bells can be heard, and, if lucky, one can find small drops of moon-light. People called these drops of Light Selene –light that presents health, youth and beauty.


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