TOP standarts

  • Oligo-Selenium formula with fixed amount of bioavailable selenium in dose professionally developed by scientists
  • New special method of the products preparation NGSP-Technology provides new possibilities and more consumer value
  • Amount of selenium indicated in dose is 100% used by organism
  • Several scientifically based and clinically tested bioavailable forms of selenium are combined in specific proportion in one product for better effect
  • Selenium forms in the preparations are in a 100% soluble and 100% ionized state
  • Enriched with Sango coral minerals for higher effect
  • No adverse effects both for children and adults
  • In physiological doses, it is safe to use lifetime
  • Efficacy has been established scientifically, proved in clinical settings, and acknowledged among physicians
  • The official clinical and comparative researches shows, that the biological efficacy and safety is much higher, comparing with common selenium preparations
  • TOP quality has been acknowledged and proved internationally
  • Ten international and world-wide awards for quality and excellence acknowledge priority of these products

If selenium can help you, NEW GENERATION SELENIUM PREPARATION will do it better.