100% Guarantee

About us

SIA “BIOMEDICAL EUROPEAN ACADEMY” is a company founded in 1994 and which has been practicing science-intensive business, development, production and distribution of new generation nutritional supplements for more than 25 years.

Our products

The company develops and manufactures a new generation selenium preparations, food supplements, “BIOENERGOSTIMS” and “BIOSTIMS” with a guaranteed bioavailable selenium content in a dose that consists of various bioavailable selenium forms for better results. New generation selenium preparations have better efficacy and efficacy than similar products known so far. About 20 years of experience show that the food supplements “BIOENERGOSTIMS” and “BIOSTIMS” are excellent with high efficacy, a wide range of biological effects, safe in physiological doses for both adults and children. Scientific and clinical findings show that regular prophylactic use of BIOENERGOSTIMS and BIOSTIMS significantly improves quality of life, physical, mental and psychological functionality and well-being.

The products manufactured by the company are registered in the registers of the Food and Veterinary Service of the Republic of Latvia and comply with the quality and food safety requirements of the European Union.

Guarantee conditions

100% Guarantee – Products are shipped by the manufacturer.

The warranty conditions applied to goods purchased on our website www.bioenergostims.eu

A guarantee is a free promise by a manufacturer or seller to reimburse the consumer for the amount of money paid for a product, to exchange the product for a corresponding product, or to perform other actions if the product does not correspond to the product description or advertising description.

To avoid misunderstandings, when receiving the product, please make sure that the delivered goods correspond to the order.

The expiration date of the product is indicated on the packaging. The minimum expiration date of the product after receiving the order is 24 months.

The seller shall ensure that the goods for sale are designed in accordance with the regulatory enactments regarding the use and labeling of food supplements and that information on their correct and safe use is attached or indicated.

The seller ensures that the purchased product is shipped in the original packaging.

The seller ensures that the order is packed to higher standards and shipped with the delivery method specified by the buyer. Please do not accept your order if the package of the shipment is damaged or opened before receipt. Inform the courier and the seller about this case immediately.

The consumer cannot use the warranty right if the consumer has opened the packaging of the product.

The consumer cannot use the warranty right if the product corresponds to the description of the product or the description provided in the advertisement.

The consumer is obliged to inform about the warranty claim without delay, but not later than within 3 working days. The date of submission of the warranty claim starts with the day when the Consumer has received the order.

The warranty rights can be used in compliance with the laws in force in the Republic of Latvia, as well as the type and specific characteristics of the goods sold. Use of the warranty rights is possible if the Buyer has a document confirming the purchase, which must be submitted to the Seller together with the purchased goods.

The Buyer notifies the Seller about the use of the Warranty rights by e-mail: bmpc@latnet.lv. After receiving the application, the Seller notifies the Buyer that it has received the warranty claim, as well as informs about the decision made.

The consumer is obliged to return the Goods to the Seller without delay, but not later than within 14 days after receipt of the decision on the warranty claim. Postage, if any, shall be paid by the Consumer.

SIA “BIOMEDICAL EUROPEAN ACADEMY” reserves the right to unilaterally change the terms of the guarantee or terminate this promotion without prior notice.

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