Common selenium products are standardized according to the amount of selenium per dose. NEW GENERATION SELENIUM PREPARATION is standardized according to the amount of bioavailable selenium per dose that provides guaranteed benefit for consumers, since only bioavailable selenium provides biological functions in the organism and is effect-bioequivalent. The amount of selenium taken, but not used in the organism does not provide biological functions of selenium and does not benefit consumer.

By examining bioavailability (ranging from 10 to 95%) of different forms of selenium, NEW GENERATION SELENIUM PREPARATION were developed, where 100% of bioavailable selenium stated per dose is utilized by the organism and offers benefits for consumers. New TOP standard can guarantee the consumer, that NEW GENERATION SELENIUM PREPARATION will really fully and effectively work in the organism.


Usually, selenium preparations contains just one form of selenium. NEW GENERATION SELENIUM PREPARATION contains Oligo-Selenium – several mutually complementing forms of selenium combined in a special proportion in one product for better result and wider spectrum of benefit. Different forms of selenium have different structure, they are manufactured and refined in different conditions, contain different ad-mixtures. Combination of several forms of selenium can potentially offer more benefits for consumers, since each form of selenium has its own specific biopotency and energy which is expressed during metabolic processes. What one form of selenium can not do in the organism, another can.

Clinical research (704 measurements) stated, that Oligo-Selenium formula is more effective by 40% (in case of three selenium forms in one preparation) and by 59% (in case of five selenium forms) compared to preparation with one form of selenium.


Commonly, selenium preparations contain compounds of selenium with the level of purity from 0.02 to 98.0%. The problem is – the undesirable ad-mixtures which can lower the quality of selenium preparations and even cause undesirable adverse effects, that can be expressed as allergy, metabolic disorders or otherwise. Therefore, modern fractioning devices and the latest refining technologies were developed for additional refining of selenium compounds from undesirable ad-mixtures. These technologies and techniques allow to produce particularly refined biologically usable selenium compounds of TopPure brand with less amount of undesirable ad-mixtures compared to the previous ones. NEW GENERATION SELENIUM PREPARATION is the first and only selenium preparations in the world, where highly refined anti-allergic bioavailable selenium compounds of TopPure brand (purity level: typically 99.5% or more) are used in production. This provides greater safety and cause less undesirable effects for consumers.
Besides, NGSP-Technology manufacturing process was developed, where no substances harmful for the organism are used, including those commonly used for tabletting or capsulation. That provides safety for consumers regarding undesirable adverse effects caused by ad-mixtures and savings of money for consumer.


New packaging technology SuperBlis-Technology securely protects products against fake.


NEW GENERATION SELENIUM PREPARATION BIOENERGOSTIMS and BIOSTIMS are prepared in a specific way to ensure, that selenium could be taken with food. This is a more natural way of administration compared to tablets or capsules, since selenium is taken naturally together with food. Besides, selenium bound to nutrients is better utilized by the organism.