The low level of selenium-proteins has been found to cause mitochondrial dysfunction in the organism during the deficiency of selenium. Mitochondria are “power-stations” of the organism cells that utilize oxygen and generate energy needed for biological processes and self regulation, life and productive living. It has been found, in many scientific centers of the world, that mitochondrial dysfunction causes dramatic consequences in the organism expressed as:

  •     Energy and vital powers insufficiency and its manifestations;
  •     Oxidative stress, its damages and toxicity;
  •     Atrophic, dystrophic, degenerative and necrotic processes;
  •     Low resistance capabilities of organism;
  •     Reduced viability and workability;
  •     Increased receptivity of harmful factors;
  •     Increased sickliness, reduced survival.

Scientific studies have established, that the mitochondrial dysfunction caused by the deficiency of selenium is associated with three selenium-enzymes which possess antioxidative, antitoxic and antinecrotic properties. Selenium induces the synthesis of these enzymes in the organism cells. Besides, mitochondria-specific selenium-protein has been found, biological function of which has not been established yet. Therefore, bioavailable selenium is obligatory necessary for the functioning of mitochondria and for normal energy supply of organism.

NEW GENERATION SELENIUM PREPARATION  bioavalable forms of selenium is in a 100% soluble and 100% ionized form that enables rapid  incorporation of selenium into the selenium-proteins of the organism, effectively prevents or reduces mitochondrial dysfunction and helps to multiply energy and vital powers of organism.